A downloadable game for Windows

Many try and many fail.

Is there but one who will prevail?

An unlikely hero of little regard.

Here to show us the beat of the bard!



A game by NPJarcade, written in one week for Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021.

- Listen to the beat of the dungeon as you explore

Some doors require higher combos to unlock

After successfully dodging an attack, fight back while the enemy is exposed

- A true bard will time every action to the rhythm of the dungeon!


W - Walk

A/D - Turn

S - Dodge

SPACE - Attack

ENTER - Select menu items

ESC/P - Pause


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Programming, artwork and graphics by NPJarcade, UK, 2021.

SFX randomly generated using ChipTone - http://sfbgames.com/chiptone

Additional SFX from FindSounds - http://www.findsounds.com

Audio edited with Audacity - http://www.audacityteam.org/

Annoying music created using Beepbox - http://www.beepbox.co

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRhythm, Action
Made withGameMaker
Tags3D, 8-Bit, Dungeon Crawler, First-Person, GameMaker, Music, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Beat of the Bard.zip 17 MB

Install instructions

- Simply download Beat of the Bard.zip  

- Extract your files to a preferred location on your PC

- Double-click the Beat of the Bard application and enjoy!


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This is so cool! I stumbled across this while researching dungeon crawler mechanics and this is just amazing. I wished I could do something like that one day - good work!

Stage 6 and onwards seem to be really laggy for me for some reason, to the point where I can't complete Stage 8 because I can't kill the enemies.

Hmm can't seem to get the second stage's rhythm right

It can help to keep an eye on the health and damage indicators, they dance in time with the music :)

fun :)