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This was a good game!! I bumped into a glitch/bug but other than that it was amazing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

Very short and simple. It is really fun to walk about and take pictures of ghosts. I do have a few nitpicks. I was really confused when it came to reloading the camera. It took a while to figure out you have to buy more. Also, what was the whole thing with the cat ghost in the beginning? They get no story? lol Other than that, this game was a real joy to play and I hope to see more!

i really like the game, i love the retro horror style

cool camera mechanics and awesome art!!

I loved the picture mini-game, the fact that there were little stories with each ghost, the pixilated art, the unsettling music in each place, and the twist at the end. All really well put together, kinda wholesome, and super spooky! Great Job! 

Nice and interesting game, I would like to explore more of it's story if possible.

Very fun adventure game. I really like how the photography mechanic works. Keep up the good work! 

Good Point-and-Click Game. Can't wait for the full version. Congrats on your game.

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Fun game, graphics are cool and the mechanics weren't bad. Good work.

I loved it, a good fatal frame vibe, a nice and easy going and graphic are just top notch

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Amazing game! The art is really good and I thought the gameplay was unique and interesting. Congrats for making such a cool game!


I liked this game a lot! I only have one small criticism: I wasn't sure I was getting any good shots as there is no indicator you really even collected a worthwhile shot unless you check the book, so maybe just informing the player or having some instruction to check the book would be good.

Also the difficulty of taking shots is very low, I never had to buy more film as there is no punishment for waiting on the ghost to get a good shot.

Again, I really liked this game and if more content came out I would absolutely play it again!